It rained well!

Krumhuk in March 2020

Finally we have had rain almost every day for over 14 days since February 11th. And so the drought is over for now. 142 mm of rain were there and our house dam has become also completely full. In almost all of Namibia it has rained at least as well and the big reservoirs have filled up well and some of them have already overflowed. A big relief for people, animals and plants. It is hard to believe how green everything is now and how beautiful everything can grow. The ground, which was bare and without any covering during the last months, is now covered with a green carpet, decorated with yellow flowers of the different herbs. Our cattle and all the animals in nature are recovering magnificently and enjoying the variety of this food. Also we humans are now much out in nature and observe and enjoy this spectacle and are just happy.
At the moment we have a rain break and hope very much that it is just a break. Because for the year’s supply of food for the whole year, there must still be rain. But with the few animals we have left, we can get by with what is growing now for the rest of the year.
To all of you who have thought so much about us and supported us mentally and materially, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For us it was a good feeling to be accompanied by so many dear people in this challenging time.

Gefüllter Damm auf Krumhuk
Kühe im Gras
erstes Gras nach dem Regen