Newsletter 2020

Life goes on!

Dear friends near and far,
In this time of great changes and radical change around the world, we want to tell you again about our ‘small’ world and its changes. After the severe drought last year we are happy every day at our – until recently – green farm, full dams and satisfied animals. We are grateful that with your help we were able to preserve the core of our cattle herd and hope that the animals will be productive again after a rest break. Horses and donkeys complement the animal population and delight our guests and ourselves. The game population is recovering, it is amazing to experience the survivability of the animals.

Krumhuk is in a generation change, the pioneers are handing over to the ‘new team’ step by step after 24 years of building and expanding the farm. Our dear colleague Corinna Schauenburg-Jingura died in the middle of full activity – a core part so close to the heart of our organization.

The forced ‘rest break’ gives us the opportunity to reflect on our central concerns and continue to practice perseverance. We greet you warmly and hope that we will be able to bring you here for a few moments and share our joys and sorrows with you.

Your Krumhuk Team